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Islamic State (ISIS) 14-year-old Slaughters At Least 50 Kurds In Homicide Martyr Attack

More blood on Obama’s hands. Instead of backing “moderate” al Qaeda in the Middle East, we should have stood with the religious minorities now being ethnically cleansed from the region. Kurds, Christians, Yezidis — all of them. They should be given their own state in Iraq and Syria.

We should back this state.

Instead, you have 14-year-old boys blowing themselves up for a global movement that is unchecked and growing every day by leaps and bounds.

ISIS Boy Reportedly Kills At Least 50 Kurds In Suicide Attack
The Islamic State released an image of a boy who blew up himself near the Turkish-Syrian border

By Gilad Shiloach, Vocativ, on Jul 06, 2015 (thanks to Van):

The Islamic State in Syria claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that was allegedly carried out by a 14-year-old boy, who killed at least 50 Kurdish militiamen in the northern part of the country.


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