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Jewplexed: Just a Torah on the Moon? Think Bigger!

moonJust a Torah on the Moon? Think Bigger!

Is putting a Torah on the Moon a lunatic idea? French-Israeli businessman Haim Aouizerate, doesn’t think so. He wants to send a tiny Torah to the moon by having it hitch a ride on one the vehicles entered in the “Lunar X” competition sponsored by Google.
The challenge calls for privately-funded spaceflight team to successfully launch a robotic spacecraft that can land and travel across the Moon’s surface while beaming back to Earth photos and data.
To pay for the mission, including the mini-Torah and special sealed capsule that will protect it, the Torah on the Moon organization is asking people to buy specific letters and words chosen from the scroll. “The crowd-funded Torah” will hold “the hopes, wishes, condolences, or prayers of many thousands of people,” says the website.
“Why send a Torah to the Moon, when we should be sending them to places on Earth that need to reacquaint themselves with it?” you might ask, thinking to crater the entire enterprise. Well, in the idea’s defense, by bringing a Torah to the Moon, “it will show that humanity has not yet lost its ability to dream, and will ‘launch’ Torah values back to Earth by way of the Moon’s light,” responds the website.
Call me a “dreamer” then. By all means, let’s send a Torah to the Moon. But, building on that dream, don’t we need to send along someone to read it? And since ten Jews are required for a public reading, shouldn’t there be a second mission: Send a minyan to the moon?
No way around it, to have the Torah properly read, we’re talking Jewish lunar colony here with kippah-shaped domes for shluffen (sleep)–the whole megillah. Since we already use a luni-solar calendar, love taking long cruises, and have a history of living in close proximity to each other, what group would be more suited?



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