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Sickening! Oregon orders bakers to pay $135K to lesbian couple they refused to make wedding cake for. Heartbroken, they close shop

By Thomas Madison

UPDATE: Some readers have asked how to help the Kleins fight this egregious violation of their First Amendment rights. I contacted Melissa Klein and asked how people can donate since the PC Nazis at GoFundMe shut down their account. She would like to relay her gratitude in advance to any and all who are willing to contribute to help them fight.
I have donated to help them and I hope many others will as well. You can donate to help the Kleins at the following site….

From Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian finalized a preliminary ruling July 2,2015 ordering Aaron and Melissa Klein, the bakers who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding, to pay $135,000 in emotional damages to the couple they denied service.

“This case is not about a wedding cake or a marriage,” Avakian wrote. “It is about a business’s refusal to serve someone because of their sexual orientation. Under Oregon law, that is illegal.”

In the ruling, Avakian placed an effective gag order on the Kleins, ordering them to “cease and desist” from speaking publicly about not wanting to bake cakes for same-sex weddings based on their Christian beliefs.


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