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The Price of Flesh: Selling Women in the Islamic State Caliphate

Mon, July 6, 2015

Slave-Girl-Mauritania-HP_1Illustrative photo of a slave girl tied to a post.

The Islamic State recently sold 42 Yazidi girls to its jihadist fighters. However, they have been sold for different prices in different places, mostly very cheaply.

In order to highlight how poorly the Islamic State values women, Clarion Project presents some prices of consumer goods in the United States by way of comparison.

The 42 Yazidi girls were sold by ISIS in Syria.  The prettier the woman, the more expensive she is. Blue-eyed girls are priced higher than less ‘exotic’ girls.


The least attractive were sold for $500. Same Price As: 42 inch Widescreen HDTV with 3 HDMI inputs


The most exceptionally pretty girls cost $2000.

Same Price As:  Definitive Technology Speaker System ($2000)

At the end of 2014 in Iraq, the Islamic State sold its slaves by age, the younger the girl, the higher the price.



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