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The woman running ISIS’s sexual slavery network, spies and recruitment: US says captured wife of top jihadi commander has revealed the inner workings of the terror group… including her own sickening role

Umm Sayyaf was captured by U.S. forces during a raid in Deir Ezzor, Syria

Her husband Abu Sayaff was killed and his laptops and phones seized 

Before his death Abu Sayaff was a top ranking ISIS official and ‘oil minister’

But Umm Sayyaf has been cooperating with American officials, revealing the names and contact details of senior ISIS commanders

She has also admitted to running an all-female group of slavers and spies 

One of the few females to reach high command within the Islamic State terror group has revealed the inner working of the extremists’ ‘women’s network’ after being captured by the U.S. military.

Umm Sayyaf was detained by American special forces during a raid in the ISIS-held city of Deir Ezzor in May during which her husband Abu Sayaff was killed and his laptops and phones seized.

Senior defence experts have revealed that Umm Sayyaf has been cooperating with American officials since her capturing and has provided the names and communication details of several senior ISIS commanders, as well as broader operational details.

2A465D5A00000578-3150929-image-m-4_1436187417792Militants: Umm Sayaff – one of the few females to reach high command within ISIS- has revealed the inner working of the extremists’ ‘women’s network’ (pictured)  after being captured by the U.S. military

Women living under ISIS in Syria and Iraq do not holding senior rank within the terror group, but they are privy to secret conversations and take part in operations dependent on the seniority of their husband.

With Abu Sayaff believed to have been ISIS ‘oil minister’ and therefore the man responsible for bringing a huge chunk of ISIS’ £2 million a day income, he was considered a top commander before his death alongside 12 other jihadis in what Pentagon officials described as ‘hand-to-hand combat’.

It figures, therefore, that the information Umm Sayyaf has provided American officials with since her capture relates to some of most senior figures within ISIS – possibly even including the extremists’ leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Speaking anonymously to the Daily Beast, senior defence officials said: ‘Umm Sayyaf had a view from top to bottom [of ISIS]’. They added that so far the jihadi bride had provided details such as names of operatives and revealed the methods the commanders use to communicate.

Umm Sayyaf, who was found alongside a Yazidi sex slave at the Deir Ezzor property, is also understood to have provided investigators with shocking details of the so-called ‘women’s networks’ within ISIS that deal with recruitment, spying operations and the capture and sale of sex slaves.

One official described Umm Sayyaf as an influential ‘senior advisor’ within ISIS but said she would not have held the rank of commander, which is only open to men.

The jihadi bride is the most senior female figure to give up the secrets of the depraved terror group, although she is by no means the first.

A large number of women have escaped ISIS and recounted their stories of rape and massacre at the hands of their husbands and male fighters.

Late last month a female jihadi responsible for helping to deliver hundreds of young European girls to ISIS warned young women of the horrifying conditions that await them.

The 23-year-old Syrian woman, understood to have held a senior role within the so-called caliphate, has defected and revealed the inner-workings of the terror group.

The woman – who uses the alias Umm Asma because she fears retaliation – welcomed the young girls who crossed the border from Turkey, and introduced them to life with the black-clad army.

29C523BB00000578-0-Innocence_lost_Under_the_alias_Abu_Saeed_Al_Britani_Hussain_back-a-17_1435089127056Innocence lost: Former Morrisons security guard Omar Hussain (background) tries to portray life under ISIS rule as peaceful and friendly, despite sharing images of young children with automatic weapons


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