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Watch: Never-Before-Seen Recording from Fateful Gaza Battle

IDF releases dramatic recordings: radio from battle in which Hamas seized Lt. Hadar Goldin, video footage from slain comrade’s helmet.

To mark one year since the start of Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s 50-day counterterrorism operation in Gaza last summer, the IDF has released previously classified recordings from before and during one of the most infamous battles of the campaign.

Among the declassified recordings, which can be accessed below, are the dramatic minutes of IDF radio exchanges during a Hamas ambush in Rafiah in which three IDF soldiers were killed, among them 23-year-old officer Lt. Hadar Goldin, whose body was seized by Hamas and has yet to be recovered.

Another declassified item is video footage from the helmet of IDF Major Benaya Sarel, taken hours before the fateful battle. Sarel, a 27-year-old resident of Kiryat Arba and a commander in the Givati Brigade’s elite reconnaissance unit, was killed along with 20-year-old Staff Sergeant Liel Gidoni, when Hamas terrorists cynically breached a humanitarian ceasefire declared just one hour before to attack their unit.

Sarel was a graduate of the Mekor Haim yeshiva in Gush Etzion – the same religious-Zionist yeshiva attended by two of the three Israeli teens whose abduction and murder by Hamas one month before triggered the escalation which eventually lead to all-out war between Israel and Hamas.

Listen – Radio from battle in Rafiah

Watch – Footage from Major Benaya Sarel, showing his elite reconnaissance unit operating in Gaza hours before the battle:


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