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Are Documented Medical Practices Of Ancient Egyptians Proof that the Nephilim from the Torah Book of Bereishit (Genesis) Existed

We keep being given one particular history of the world, but things keep being discovered that contradict the mainstream version of history we have been taught. In 1862 Edwin Smith, an American Egyptologist in Luxor, Egypt, discovered a papyrus.

It is the oldest known medical document written in the Middle Egyptian hieratic script and harbors 377 lines of text on the front and 92 on the back. It is currently kept at the New York Academy of Sciences.It is under lock and key and no one is allowed near it. Why?

What is so notable is that this is evidence, once again that the egyptians had technology and medical practices as advanced ( at least) as our own. Once again, we must ask ourselves- is this proof that the Nephilim existed?

The papyrus contains surgical practices, diagnoses, treatments and prognoses of 48 neurosurgical and orthopedic cases. Including 27 head injuries cases and six spinal injuries cases —practices far beyond the supposed knowledge of ancient Egypt
The cases presented in the Smith papyrus are similar to that used by modern physicians. Every case begins with the history of the patient and then moves on to a physical investigation. Patients with untreatable ailments were given sedative care by the surgeon. There is one case in particular that describes a treatment for a dislocated jaw. The interesting part is the practice performed then is the exact same practice we perform today:


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