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Gang of 40 blacks brutally attack a lone white man in Cincinatti, leaving him bloody and unconscious, as they laugh and taunt

mcOn July 4th, at Cincinatti’s Fountain Square, a group of 40 black cowards brutally beat a single white man to a bloody pulp. The video, below, shows the injured victim lying unconscious on the sidewalk, as more savages gather around to taunt and ridicule the unconscious man. At the beginning of the video one young lowlife can clearly been heard laughing and taunting, “Damn, nigga, you just got knocked the f**k out! Damn, bitch!” while a few others try to help the man, attempting keep the crowd of sneering, jeering goons back.

Although youtube has removed the video of the actual assault, I have posted (below) a local TV video report of the incident showing a portion of the cowardly attack. Keeping with the officially-mandated politically correct fable, watch as the reporter amazingly describes the video as “a man who lost a fight,” being careful not to comment on the obvious racial overtones. “A man who lost a fight?” Really? How about a lone white guy brutally attacked by a gang of forty black racists?

The politically correct powers that be in Cincinatti have changed the original police report, which labeled the assault as a hate crime, claiming that the original report was in error, and that the cowardly assault was NOT a hate crime after all. What else do you call it? The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that police have backed away from the “anti-white” description of the attack:

“The assault on a man near Fountain Square on Saturday night was incorrectly described as an “anti-white” crime in the official police incident report, Cincinnati Police Capt. Mike Neville said Monda


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