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Muslim Invaders Overrun Greek Lesbian Island


Despite the expectation of some American tourists, the Greek isle of Lesbos is not very gay. That issue wasn’t resolved by a lawsuit filed by island residents who wanted “Lesbians” to refer to them rather than to well… lesbians.

These days though the lesbians of Lesbos are not gay because their island has been overrun by a wave of Muslim colonists.

Record-breaking numbers of migrants are arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos, overwhelming local authorities, local police say.

About 1,600 landed on the island on Saturday alone, the island’s chief of police said.

Police said they were working 24 hours a day to process the new arrivals but can only manage 300-500 per day.

More migrants landed on the island in June than in the whole of the previous year, according to the UN.

There were approximately 15,000 arrivals in June, compared with 12,187 in 2014. Lesbos has a population of just over 86,000.

This is how you colonize a place. If only the lesbians of Lebos were Lesbian, this would be considered a hate crime.


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