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Obama: Gun Violence in Chicago is Republicans’ Fault


By now, there should be a clear understanding among those who pay attention.  It is an easy pattern to discern.  When policies fail, the progressive points to his opponent.  The progressive will point to bills or laws that he has pushed and claim that they were not supported.  Now that the gun violence in Chicago has reached fictional proportions, it has to be the pro-gun Republicans’ fault.

The Daily Caller reported:

Ten people died and 52 were injured in shootings over the holiday weekend in Chicago, WGN reports.

As sad as this is, the administration has chosen these tragedies to take shots at their opponents.


On the shootings in Chicago, where 10 people were killed over the Independence Day holiday weekend, the White House said gun-control measures opposed by Republicans would help to stem such violence.

However, what they hope most people forget is the fact that the city of Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.  This is the President’s city.  His henchman, Rahm Emanuel has been running the city since 2011.  The city is a hotbed of progressivism, yet is one of the most crime-ridden, violent cities in America.  But, it is those 2nd Amendment nuts that are to blame.


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