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The Hell a Woman Endured to Stop ISIS From Beating Her Baby – Motherly Love

I can’t imagine the hellishness of this choice. This woman is lucky to have made it out alive with her baby. The Islamic State is full of rapists, criminals, psychopaths and evil demons. It’s who they cater to. This mother did the unthinkable to save her baby – she’s a hero in my book. The Left crows about slavery in the US and persecution – that is faux victimization. You want to see real brutality? Real slavery and persecution? Look to the Middle East where the Caliphate and the Islamic State rage and you will see the real deal. Barbarism beyond your wildest nightmares in the name of conquest and religion.

From IJReview:

The lengths that a mother will go for her child are nothing short of remarkable.

For one Yazidi woman captured by ISIS terrorists, that meant enduring a living hell so she could protect her 1-year-old baby from being beaten.

The Daily Mail elaborated on what the woman, Reehan, went through to ensure her infant wasn’t harmed:

A 19-year-old mother, says she allowed her first captor who ‘bought her’ to rape her ‘whenever he wanted’ because he would beat her one-year-old baby son if she resisted.

Her son was the only thing stopping her from taking her own life. Her second jailer raped an elderly mother and her daughter.

After being sold around to other jihadists, Reehan finally found an opportunity for escape. She stole a hijab and fled her captor’s residence.

Reehan managed to find a man who said he would help her cross the border. However, he would only help Reehan if she came up with $15,000. Fortunately, she got a hold of her mother who was able to come up with money she needed.


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