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Devout Muslims Plaster Turkish Capital with Posters for Gays to Be Killed ‘on Sight’


The silence of LGBT leadership on gays under the sharia is deafening and monstrous. While the White House is bathed in the colors of the gay flag, gay people in the Muslim world are terrorized, brutalized and slaughtered under Islamic law. And yet so many in the gay community stand with Islamic groups like CAIR.

When we ran our ad campaign in San Francisco highlighting Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia, SF gay leadership, the City Council and the San Francisco Human Rights Council (headed by a transgender, no less) condemned and denounced us.

The persecution of gays is at a fever pitch in Turkey, owing much to Prime Minister Erdogan, Obama’s “most trusted” and “favorite” foreign leader. Just two weeks ago, the gay pride parade was attacked by Erdogan’s police, who fired pepper spray and rubber pellets at thousands when they arrived to march.

Worse still, in the little coverage of the brutal persecution of gays in Western media, the motive is never discussed. Even FOX is pathetically void of honest reportage. Bill O’Reilly had Martha McCallum on (!) to discuss why the gays were under such attack in Turkey. She never mentioned sharia or Islamic law. Such misinformation is irresponsible, egregious and dangerous.

“Islamists Plaster Turkish Capital with Posters for Gays to Be Killed ‘on Sight’,” by Frances Martel, Breitbart, July 8, 201534

An Islamist group identified as “Young Islamic Defense” has flooded Turkey’s capital Ankara with posters allegedly quoting a Muslim teaching that calls for Muslims to “kill the perpetrator and the receiver on sight” should they ever see an LGBT person.

The posters surface a week after the Turkish government attacked the now-traditional Istanbul Pride Parade with tear gas.


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