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Homosexual Lobby Wins Crippling Judgment Against Jewish Traditionalists

If doctors are allowed to surgically change the bodies of people who want to live as the opposite sex, shouldn’t therapists be allowed to help change the minds of people who want to be attracted to the opposite sex? Not according to the homosexual lobby, the powerful Southern Poverty Law Center, and a likeminded judge, they’re not.

A New Jersey-based organization called JONAH, “Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing,” has found this out the hard way. JONAH offers what is known as “reparative therapy,” which seeks to help people struggling with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction (SSA). Unfortunately for people with unwanted SSA, however, those providing such services are unwanted by the homosexual lobby. And this fact was punctuated June 25 — a day before the Supreme Court’s infamous faux-marriage ruling — when a jury found that JONAH had supposedly violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

JONAH’s mission statement makes clear that theirs is a service only for those who genuinely want to experience normal sexual desire and also states, “Through psychological and spiritual counseling, peer support, and self-empowerment, JONAH seeks to reunify families, to heal the wounds surrounding homosexuality, and to provide hope.” And as I related when reporting on the story last year, many ex-patients attest to the efficacy of the organization’s reparative therapy. But as American Thinker’s Janet Tassel wrote on Monday, “JONAH has never guaranteed change; like all forms of therapy, it offers hope, not an ironclad promise.” She then explained the origin of the case against the group:

And like other therapies, it has its adherents and its detractors. The detractors include two young men, Benjamin Unger and Chaim Levin, both from Orthodox Jewish families. About five years ago, Unger and Levin, who had been working with counselors referred by JONAH, made contact with a gay-affirmative group called Jewish Queer Youth, for whom they agreed to make YouTube videos. This led to a meeting with gay activist Wayne Besen, for whose website, the two also made videos. Besen played a significant role in hooking these disappointed young men up with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which, despite its name, specializes in left-wing activism, and whose endowment is in the neighborhood of $340 million.

The SPLC then filed a lawsuit on behalf of “the aforesaid Benjamin Unger and Chaim Levin, Chaim Levin’s mother, someone named Sheldon Bruck and his mother, and another young man, a lapsed Mormon, Michael Ferguson,” claiming that “JONAH’s business practices violate the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act … by misrepresenting that homosexuality is a mental illness or disorder and that JONAH’s therapy program is effective in changing the sexual orientation of clients,” writes Tassel.


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