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Israeli kids in Detroit locked up for refusing lunch with father

Judge Lisa Gorcyca has ruled the children, aged 9, 10 and 14, to remain in a juvenile detention center until they are 18.
Three children of Israeli parents in Michigan have been living in a juvenile detention center for the past two weeks

What was their crime? They refused to have lunch with their father.

According to the report by Detroit’s Fox 2 News, the situation began when Maya Tsimhoni and Omer Tsimhoni were at a routine court hearing to discuss supervised parenting time.

Things then took a very unexpected turn.

Judge Lisa Gorcyca of the Oakland County family court then became upset, according to the report, and ordered the children to apologize to their father, Omer Tsimhoni. She told them to have a “healthy relationship” with their father, ordering the children to go have some lunch” with him.

The children, aged 9, 10 and 14 from the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills, refused. Gorcyca held them in contempt of the court and ordered them to live at the Children’s Village, a county juvenile detention center for children from troubled and neglected backgrounds, until they are 18. For the two youngest children, that would mean almost a decade in the center.


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