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Meet The British Teachers Fasting in Ramadan Solidarity With Their Muslim Pupils


Teachers at a Welsh school are fasting and going to a local mosque during Ramadan to help them “connect” with their “many” Muslim students. They have called on others to join them to “experience a taste of another culture”.

Andrew Bodgin, Jon Letson and Jennifer John and administrator Shoko Morimoto are staff at the Celtic English Academy who have decided to fast for Ramadan and go to mosque this week. The school is just one of the many in the UK that provides foreign students the ability to enter the United Kingdom on a student visa to learn the English Language.

The Home Office UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI)-approved school states on its website that it can help with applications for both long and short stay visas, and even visas that will allow prospective students to bring their families to the United Kingdom as well. Based in Cardiff, Wales, the school offers to arrange visas, accommodation and airport pick-ups for its pupils.

The Celtic English School’s website boasts of its gender segregated classes, which Morimoto told Breitbart London were instituted for the benefit of Saudi Arabian women who would otherwise not be allowed to leave their husband’s homes.



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