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Roman Soldier’s Boots Leave 2,000-Year Prints in Israel


Rarely do archeologists literally walk in the footprints of the ancient people they study. However, recent excavations by a University of Haifa team of the ruins of a Hellenistic city in the Golan Heights yielded the 2,000-year-old imprints of Roman soldiers’ boots.

The hobnailed boot impressions were left in the still-wet mortar of the fortifications at Hippos, situated just east of the Sea of Galilee, according to an article published earlier this month in Popular Archeology by Professor Michael Eisenberg.

Hippos was one of ten Hellenistic cities in modern Israel, Syria, and Jordan known as the Decapolis in antiquity.

Archeologists from the University of Haifa have excavated its remains annually since 2000.

The ruins are remarkable for their well-preserved basilica, forum, and theater, all hewn from the black basalt of the Golan Heights and perched on the cliffs above the Sea of Galilee.


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