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The ISIS massacre of 770 in Iraq that was so bloody it could be seen from space: 24 fanatics sentenced to hang after satellite evidence helped bring them to justice


Original death toll of 190 after ISIS seized Tikrit in June 2014 and executed captured soldiers has since been tripled

Satellite images, footage of massacre and an eyewitness account revealed two undiscovered mass execution sites

Crucial photographs and Islamic State’s own propaganda video helped convict 24 fanatics behind the mass killing

They were sentenced to hang by an Iraqi court but four were acquitted for lack of evidence and 604 are still at large  

The bloody aftermath of Islamic State’s mass execution of 770 Iraqi soldiers in Tikrit last year was so vast, it could be seen from space.

It was originally thought that 190 troops were slaughtered when the terror group overran and conquered Saddam Hussein’s hometown. But crucial satellite imagery uncovered three new execution sites and tripled the death toll.

These photographs, footage of the gruesome massacre and harrowing eyewitness accounts have now helped convict 24 of the ISIS fanatics behind the atrocity.

An Iraqi court has sentenced them to hang for their role in the slaughter of hundreds of soldiers on Wednesday. Four others were acquitted for lack of evidence and as many as 604 other militants, who are also thought to have taken part, are still at large.

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2A60078600000578-3154710-This_satellite_image_reveals_the_bloody_aftermath_from_Saladdin_-a-15_1436445289375Bloody: Satellite imagery (pictured) and footage of Islamic State’s mass execution of 770 Iraqi soldiers has helped convict the militants of atrocity, and 24 of them have now been sentenced to hang by an Iraqi court. The bloodstains from the mass execution can be seen left

2A600CE500000578-3154710-Gruesome_Hundreds_of_Iraqi_soldiers_were_rounded_up_by_ISIS_mili-a-1_1436448410073Gruesome: Hundreds of Iraqi soldiers were rounded up by ISIS militants in Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit in June 2014 (pictured), before they were shot dead in bloody mass executions

2A60077A00000578-3154710-image-a-19_1436445289630Murder: The satellite imagery and footage released by ISIS showed how 440 soldiers were slaughtered near the presidential palace and around 30 more were gunned down at a new execution site next to the Route 24 bridge (top right)

The day after conquering the city in central Iraq, ISIS claimed it executed 1,700 Shi’ite ‘members of the army’ who were trying to escape the coming onslaught.

The terror group began to release gruesome videos and images which showed the men shackled together and shot in the head – before their bloodied corpses were thrown into shallow trenches.

All of the defendants pleaded not guilty and claimed they did not take part part in the massacre – insisting their confessions were coerced under torture by Iraqi officers.

Several relatives of the deceased soldiers stormed the courtroom and threw shoes and water bottles at the defendants while they were being questioned by the chief judge, the Guardian reports.

Some of them burst into tears when the sentences were passed, before raising pictures of their relatives and chanting: ‘Allahu Akbar.’

After analysing the horrendous imagery, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said two trenches were located in a field 100m away from the ‘Water Palace’ – which can be seen on the overhead images.

But a newly-released ISIS propaganda video of the execution and satellite imagery helped identify three new execution sites – elevating the death toll by between 285 and 440 to up to 770.


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