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BREAKING: Iranian Media Outlines Nuclear Deal – And It’s A Total Catastrophe

Expected deal to immediately lift all sanctions, arms embargoes against Iran and close UN files on Iranian nuclear program.

By Matt Wanderman

Semi-official Fars news agency in Iran has published an outline of the expected nuclear agreement between Iran and Western powers.

The most notable aspect of the deal is that “all economic, financial and banking sanctions against Iran will be terminated for good on day one after the endorsement of the deal.”

Iran currently faces economic pressure from several different sources. The United Nations began sanctioning Iran in 2006, after the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that the Islamic Republic was ignoring restrictions on developing nuclear weapons. The United States then began sanctioning the country in 2011, and the European Union followed the next year.

Most previous reports on the current negotiation suggested that only the UN sanctions would be immediately lifted, while the US and EU sanctions would remain, at least until Iran guarantees its good will.

The Fars report also states that “the upcoming UN Security Council resolution – that will call all the previous five resolutions against Iran null and void – will be the last resolution to be issued on Iran’s nuclear program and [the UN will withdraw] Iran’s nuclear dossier from under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. This last resolution will remain valid and will be implemented for a specifically limited period of time and will then automatically end at the end of this period.”

While the Fars report did not discuss the deal’s restrictions on Iran, a senior US official confirmed that Iran will not open all of its facilities to international inspectors. He explained that if the inspectors believe that Iran is illegally developing nuclear weapons…..


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