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The Temple Institute is Raising a Genuine Red Heifer, Which Will be Needed in the Messinic Time to Come as a Prerequisite for the Third Jewish Temple


Under the guidance of Temple Institute rabbis, frozen embryos of Red Angus cattle will be implanted into domestic cattle in Israel, leading to the introduction of this Biblical breed into the Jewish state.


JERUSALEM- The Temple Institute has partnered with an Israeli cattleman to raise a Red Heifer in Israel, in strict accordance with the Biblical commandment. The Red Heifer is a pre-requisite for the Third Temple and there has not been a Kosher candidate in over two thousand years. A crowd funding campaign entitled “Raise a Red Heifer in Israel” has been launched on Indiegogo to raise awareness and funds for this ambitious task, following the success of last year’s campaign that raised over $100,000 towards the architectural plans of the Third Temple. This project is the culmination of decades of research at the Temple Institute that fuses ancient religious texts and modern science.

Raising a perfect red heifer in accordance with the Biblical commandment requires advance planning, preparation and constant supervision. In order for a heifer to be considered kosher for the Biblical use, it must literally be raised from birth under specific conditions and in a controlled environment. This has never been attempted in the Land of Israel in modern times.

In the past the people of Israel have waited for the birth of a potential Red Heifer. But with Torah knowledge and advanced science, the Temple Institute has now begun to actively pursue this commandment.  For this unprecedented project, the Temple Institute has joined forces with an experienced cattle rancher in Israel. This expert in the science of animal husbandry, under the halachic supervision and guidance of the rabbis of the Temple Institute, is utilizing the technique of implanting the frozen embryos of Red Angus cattle in Israeli domestic cattle.  The end result of this program will be the introduction of the Red Angus breed into Israel. This method, authorized and approved by Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture, has already proven successful with the birth of a number of male Red Angus.

“Three decades of research and preparation have led us to this special day. During this period known as the “Three Weeks,” as world Jewry mourns the destruction of the Second Holy Temple, The Temple Institute has taken a bold move towards the third. Having already prepared over 70 sacred vessels including the golden menorah and High Priest’s gemstone-encrusted breastplate, now is the time to fulfill the commandment of the Red Heifer. Make no mistake, this project is no less than the first stage of the reintroduction of Biblical purity into the world, a prerequisite for the building of the Third Temple.” Said Rabbi Chaim Richman, international director of the Temple Institute.

The Temple Institute is the center of research and preparation for the Holy Temple. In addition to educational activity focused on the centrality of the Temple Mount and Holy Temple, they have also recreated over 70 sacred vessels for use in the Third Holy Temple, which can be seen at their Visitors Center in the Old City of Jerusalem.


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