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Mass Abductions And Murders Of Xtian Pastors Are Happening Throughout The World

While it is good news to learn that a Franciscan priest Father Dhiya Aziz, serving in northern Syria in Idlib has been released by jihadi kidnappers, the phenomenon of abducting pastors and even killing them is becoming a common occurrence, not just by Jihadists in Syria and Iraq, but next door to the U.S. in Mexico.

Dhiya-AzizFather Dhiya Aziz

On Dec. 21, last year, four armed men barged into a Catholic seminary in the central Mexican city of Altamirano and kidnapped a Catholic pastor named Gregorio López Gorostieta. The problem for pastors is that they are the refuge for the poor in the face of criminal abuses by all sorts of government and corrupt  movements.

Altamirano is the same part of Mexico where police arrested 43 student protesters and turned them over to a drug gang that killed them all and burned their bodies until they could no longer be identified. What was eye-opening also, was that another priest from Uganda, Father John Ssenyondo has been missing in Mexico since May, when he was abducted after refusing to baptize the daughter of local gangster. The strange thing is that his remains were found in a mass grave of the same 43 college student protesters.

While Mexico is marked with government corruption and drug cartels, in the U.S., with the rise of homosexual rights, the tables is slowly turning on Christians and mostly Evangelical pastors and Christian bakers who are being targeted by the gay agenda.

On Xmas Eve, in response to the abduction of Fr. Gregorio López Gorostieta, dozens of priests, infuriated by the abductions, marched through the middle of Altamirano dressed in cassocks despite that cassocks have been banned in the streets of Mexico since the days of the revolution. Hundreds of parishioners trailed behind them. They called for peace, reconciliation, and the safe return of Father Gregorio. And the Diocese of Altamirano made a direct appeal to his captors:

“We fear for his physical safety and we believe there is nobility and kindness in you… If you have conditions for his release, make them known…. Let your hearts be touched and recall the services that we have performed for your families.”

So what was the response to the demonstrating priests? On Christmas Day, Father Gregorio’s body was found on the side of the highway out of town.



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