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Obama’s Iran Deal May Throw Middle East Into Regional War

Hebron_massacre_newspaperThe United States and the other P5+1 negotiators hurdle toward a deal with the Iranians which will do little beyond allowing Tehran to hide their weapons program but this time with the support of the western world. As that is happening the Middle East is inching closer to war as Egypt and Saudi Arabia are looking to purchase nuclear weapons, and Israel is reminded once again that it cannot rely on any other nation but itself for its protection. This time however, the Jewish State may receive some tacit help from some of its Arab “enemies.”

The deal between Iran and world powers, along with the American concession which may  see Tehran receive all of its demands, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is saying Israel will not not bound by the deal.

Speaking to the a meeting of the Likud faction in Knesset Monday the Israeli Prime Minister made it clear that Israel will not allow Iran to go nuclear deal or no deal:

“Even over the weekend, as Iran continued to receive more and more concessions at the negotiating table, Iranian President Rouhani led a march of hatred in the streets of Tehran in which the masses cried, ‘Death to America! Death to Israel!’.” If the concessions continued even after these unequivocal calls for the destruction of those conducting the negotiations, it seems that there are those who are ready to make an agreement at any price – and this bad agreement is unavoidable.

He went on to answer criticism from Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid and opposition leader Isaac Herzog, who said that the prime minister had failed to uphold his campaign promise to prevent a deal with Iran.

In any case, we never committed ourselves to preventing an agreement, certainly not one that the major powers are ready to sign at any price. We did commit ourselves to prevent Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons – and indeed, were it not for our efforts over the years, Iran would already be able to develop atomic bombs.


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