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Op-Ed: Iran is a Nuclear Hitler with 56% Of the World’s Oil Supply

Iran is much more dangerous than Hitler ever was. Here’s why.
Comparing the danger Iran poses to the Judeo-Christian and Sunni Worlds with those dangers that existed from 1939 due to Hitler may sound good, but is in reality an optimistic delusion. Iran’s current danger to the free world is exponentially greater than any threat Hitler ever posed, even after he occupied France in 1940.

It looks like Obama will either allow total nuclear concessions to Iran so as to render any “agreement” a meaningless paperweight, or will let Iran do anything it wants anyway without any “agreement.” Either way, Iran is getting a nuclear arsenal in the medium-term. In order to understand how bad the situation really is we should compare Iran’s threat to Hitler’s threats.

First, Hitler didn’t have nukes. If Hitler had had nukes, he would have wiped out London and Eisenhower’s entire invading army of over 2,000,000 allied troops waiting to cross the English Channel in June-August of 1944 without so much as blinking. Iran will use a nuclear bomb against anyone as surely and unhesitatingly as Hitler would have used a nuke against Stalin’s Moscow before the Red Army ever crossed in Germany.

And Iran will have dozens of nukes spread everywhere throughout their far-flung country, so they will always be able to deliver a nuke to an American City somehow.

Second, Hitler didn’t have any domestic oil supply, and Iran has a huge oil supply. And, what’s worse, with a nuclear bomb, Iran will seek to wipe out the Saudi Sunnis and acquire the entire “Black Gold Triangle” that straddles the Mesopotamian Delta running from the head-waters in Turkey into the Persian Gulf. Unlike Hitler who had no real world conventional economic leverage, Iran will possess an infinite conventional leverage.


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