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The heroes risking their lives to free ISIS sex slaves subjected to rapes, stonings and whippings: Undercover footage reveals bravery of undercover network dedicated to saving women and children

Dozens of ISIS sex slaves have been rescued by secret resistance network

Brave guides inside ISIS are helping abused captives flee jihadi territory

They are led to the Iraq border and smuggled across into refugee camps

Locals and political activists risk their lives helping the women escape

Women and young girls held as sex slaves by depraved Islamic State militants are fleeing their captors with the help of a heroic underground network of resistance fighters.

Risking certain death and torture in a bid to flee their brutal oppressors, many spend several days making their way through Syria and Iraq to the safety of government-controlled territory.

Many of them have been subjected to appalling violence, rape and sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS fighters and commanders.

2A7E426E00000578-0-image-a-22_1436785362165A resistance fighter in Syria carries a girl once held captive as a sex slave to safety across the Sinjar Mountain, in northern Iraq

Their plight has been documented in the harrowing new Channel 4 documentary Escape from ISIS, which is due to be broadcast this week.

The film follows those responsible for helping the ISIS sex slave victims through a highly co-ordinated escape network.

With little food or water, their escape is made possible with the help of Khaleel Al Dakhi, a lawyer-turned-activist.

ISIS has carried out ‘systematic sexual crimes’ against girls from the Yazidi community since kidnapping more than 3,000 girls from their homes in northern Iraq last August.

Unjustly regarded as ‘devil worshippers’ on account of their unusual beliefs, the Yazidi have for centuries been one of the most persecuted minorities of the Middle East. Islamic extremists regard them as infidels, worthy only of being killed.

Those considered the ‘most beautiful’ by ISIS leaders are sent to horrendous auction houses where they are stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder.

Edward Watts, the documentary director, told MailOnline the majority those being rescued were Yazidis who had been treated as ‘subhuman’ due to the ISIS belief they were ‘devil worshippers’.

He said: ‘They’re desperate to get their hands on a mobile phone and when they do they call their families and tell them “I’m alive”.’

Once the families of the women were notified, they contact the resistance network to arrange a rescue, he said.


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