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The ‘Palestinian’ leadership lives in the lap of luxury, while their avarage people live in squalor…but I’m sure Israel is to blame, right?

The PA elite lives in luxury while average Palestinians suffer in squalor
In series of photos that Israeli human rights activist Kay Wilson delivered to JerusalemOnline, the living conditions within the Palestinian Authority are displayed. From the photos, it is documented that the Palestinian Authority has an elite that lives in luxury, while average Palestinians living in UNRWA refugee camps are condemned to squalor.
Palestine2Palestinian mansion Photo Credit: Kay Wilson

Israeli human rights activist Kay Wilson recently published photos taken from within the Palestinian Authority that highlight how the PA elite lives in luxury while the average Palestinians who live in UNRWA refugee camps suffer in squalor. In one of the photos, the Bank of Palestine is displayed. The photo shows a modern brand new building that meets American standards with luxurious cars parked outside and a beautiful palm tree growing in front. The American School of Palestine, according to the documentation provided by Wilson, is in a newer and nicer building than many Israeli high schools are in. Furthermore, the Bethlehem Peace Center building appears ten times fancier than the offices of most Zionist non-profits based in Israel.

Another picture shows a three-story high villa with a Mediterranean flare, with a porch plus two balconies. The villa includes a beautiful garden that most Israelis could only dream of having. In another photo, one can see gold jewelry for sale within the Palestinian Authority. The sale of gold jewelry implies the existence of a market that is wealthy enough to purchase such luxury items as starving impoverished children don’t usually have money for basic items like clothes and food, much less gold jewelry. Wilson stated sarcastically aside the picture of the gold jewelry: “Think how many Gazans this would feed.”

Another picture shows the luxurious Caesar Hotel, where many western journalists would stay and live in luxury while “accusing Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians.” The hotel has an uncanny resemblance to the luxurious Islands Hotel in Netanya, Israel, complete with a sushi bar and fancy cars parked outside. The lobby inside the hotel serves delicious Palestinian food and tasty cocktails, providing journalists with a safe and pleasant environment to write about “the genocide Israel committed against the Palestinians.” The only thing that is missing is Netanya’s beautiful coastline view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Palestine12Luxury in the Palestinian Authority Photo Credit: Kay Wilson


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