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How Smart Phones Destroy Children’s Brain


Everyone has seen it, and maybe you’re even guilty of it yourself! You’re dining at a restaurant when you see a family with young children. The children are quiet, but it’s not because they’re eating or they’re listening to their parents. It’s because their eyes are glued to some sort of electronic device.

 Though electronics can be excellent for education and games, they can also be a crutch for parents and caretakers. If a parent uses tablets, phones, or computers to keep their child engaged, they may come to rely on these tools instead of being a hands-on parent. Find out what screen time can do to your kids.

The Increase in Screen Time

Screen time wasn’t always a problem. Before the advent of smartphones and tablets, kids only had the chance to watch television. With outside time, outings, and school, it was uncommon for kids to spend more than a little bit of time with a screen at any given time.However, statistically, most kids spend hours in front of various screens every day!

This is very harmful, particularly during the first three years of a child’s life. The American Association of Pediatricians does not recommend any screen time prior to the age of two, but by the age of two, 90% of kids watch television regularly.The screen time a child gets continues to increase as they age.

You can see the effects by looking at today’s teenagers, who often have difficulty communicating in real life. Look at a group of teenagers and you’ll see that most, if not all, are on their phones, rather than paying attention to each other.


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