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Haaretz’s Amira Hass: Terror ‘Legitimate’ in Judea-Samaria…oh by the way, this dreg of humanity is actually Jewish

Haaretz journalist calls Gaza a ‘concentration camp’ in long-winded conspiracy theory speech justifying attacks against Israelis.


Terror attacks against Jews in Judea and Samaria are “legitimate,” Haaretz journalist Amira Hass insisted to an audience at Duke University in North Carolina.

Hass gave two separate lectures at the university in March, ISLAMiCommentary reported earlier this month: one entitled “The Israeli Occupation and Jewish-Israeli Dissent” and the other, “Reporting from Ramallah: An Israeli Jew in an Occupied Land.”

During the talks, Hass deemed Gaza “a concentration camp” – a term she used even though her mother survived Bergen-Belsen – and called terror attacks on Jews a “legitimate” means of “resistance.”

Hass claimed that Gazans “are deprived of so many basic things, because Israel deprives them of peace, (the) basic right of freedom of movement.”

She based her “concentration camp” claim on the fact that Israel has required Gazans to travel with a permit back and forth to Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) since 1991 to help stop the steady stream of terror attacks on Israelis.

“From time to time Israel changes — I call it the policy of the goat,” she said. “You put inside people’s lives many hardships and then as a kind of goodwill gesture, you remove one of the hardships when you want. But it’s taken as a favor done, not as a right and not as a policy.”

Hass further claimed that Israel’s security policies were implemented to enforce a system of segregation.

“So if I want to sum up the reality of Gaza: it is a huge prison, it is a huge concentration camp, it is an Israel -meditated, pre-meditated, pre-planned and planned project to separate Gaza from the West Bank,” she touted. “In the meantime, the people are prisoners.”

Hass also detailed several ways her “friends in Gaza” snuck into Israel, including on potato trucks, from flying to Amman and then passing through the Allenby gate – and even by hiding in cars. She herself was asked to sneak out a “friend” – she admitted she had fake Gaza license plates – but ultimately turned him down.


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