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Iran is Already Planning to Build Lots of Missiles w/Sanctions Relief

Rouhani’s administration increased the defense budget by 32.5%

Now that Obama has licensed Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Iran wants a bunch of peaceful weapons to go with its peaceful program. Including peaceful missiles. Lots and lots of peaceful missiles. And thanks to $100 billion in sanctions relief, it can buy them all.

The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, announced the general policies of the Sixth Development Plan to the Iranian president on June 30. All the major policies of the country are managed according to these development plans, which are published every five years. In the Sixth Plan, the section about strengthening Iran’s defense and security stands out as noteworthy.

In this section, Khamenei ordered the administration and the armed forces to:

 Allocate at least 5% of the public budget to defense, in order to increase the defense abilities of the country within the regional balance of power to ensure Iran’s national interests and national security.

Upgrade the defense capabilities of the country by expanding its missile technology, expanding weapons production capacity and producing defense equipment against all forms of external threats.

The Russian S300 system to keep Israel or America from taking out its nuclear capabilities will be coming in thanks to Obama trashing arms sanctions, but the really good stuff will be “defensive” and “peaceful” for pushing the US out of the Persian Gulf.


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