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Iranians realize they just ‘punked’ the entire world, dance in the streets while waving victory signs

Motorists honk horns, wave victory signs, brandish posters of President Hassan Rouhani; ‘A first step to becoming a friend with the world’.

Tehran and motorists honked car horns to cheer an historic nuclear accord with world powers they hope will end years of economic sanctions and decades of international isolation.

Millions of Iranians had followed the talks closely for months with the anticipation that Tuesday’s deal would allow the economy, battered by years of sanctions, to stabilise and make their daily lives easier.

In the capital’s affluent north, motorists played loud music from car stereos and young people blew South African-style ‘vuvuzela’ horns, scenes that Tehran normally witnesses only when the country qualifies the football World Cup.
61697992787090490490noIranians celebrating the nuclear deal in the streets of Teheran (Photo: EPA)

Residents said police turned a blind eye to the festivities, and some even joined in. A woman in Vanak Square in north Tehran told Reuters by phone that people were buying sweets and handing them out on the streets.

Some young people draped the national flag over their shoulders, brandished posters of President Hassan Rouhani, made victory signs and shouted “Rouhani, thank you!”


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