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SEEN FROM SPACE: Tigris runs red in video of ISIS massacre that killed up to 1,700 Shia Muslims and soldiers

Mideast IraqAn Iraqi father grieves and holds a poster of his dead son, who was an Iraqi soldier, at a courtroom in Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, July 8, 2015. An Iraqi court has issued death sentences to 24 militants for their role in killing hundreds of soldiers last year. The slain soldiers were captured by ISIL when they overran Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit in summer 2014.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has released new footage from its deadliest massacre, showing executions on an industrial scale at a military base following its attack near the Iraqi city of Tikrit last year.

The footage shows young army conscripts falling off the back of trucks at Speicher military base and later lying ready to be shot in pits or at the edge of the Tigris. At times, the water runs red with blood.

The soldiers are lined up in their hundreds and shot in shallow graves. The highest estimates put the number of dead at 1,700, most of whom were Shia. At one point, the video shows an excavator being used to move piles of bodies.

ISIL’s capture of the Speicher base and nearby Tikrit took place during its lightning sweep across Iraq in June 2014. Government forces and allied Shia militia were only able to begin exhuming bodies in April, after a long fight to dislodge ISIL militants from Tikrit.

Body-bags containing the remains of people believed to have been slain by jihadists of ISIL lie on the ground at the Speicher camp in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, on April 12, 2015.


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