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Tweeting Hitler

Facebook and Twitter, you have provided a wonderful outlet for disseminating alternative information, but the rampant and disgusting anti-Semitism on social media must stop.
ShowImage2As the social media director of Israel education organization StandWithUs, I see a lot of anti-Semitic nonsense on the Internet. Yet I was honestly surprised by the fanatical anti-Semitism on Twitter following SnapChat’s Tel Aviv Live feature last week.

SnapChat, a mobile application which enables users to share photos and videos that automatically delete themselves after a set number of seconds, regularly features “Snaps” (photos and video clips) from cities and events around the world. Last week, they had a feature on Tel Aviv which featured Israeli food, Israeli beaches and some beautiful shots of Israeli diversity.

But despite the light-hearted theme of the photos and videos shared on SnapChat’s Tel Aviv Live, many in the Arab world (and anti-Israel activists from all over), took to Twitter to express their anger – or rather, anti-Semitism.

After tweeting in celebration of Snap- Chat’s Tel Aviv day using the hashtag #TelAvivLive, StandWithUs alone received dozens of tweets in both English and Arabic with pictures of concentration camps, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and alleged Palestinian victims (many of which were faked).

Some of the anti-Semitic messages included sentiments such as, “I know Allah is the most merciful and I hope and who knows if maybe Allah have mercy on #Hitler’s soul [sic].”


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