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Your Heart Skips or You Have Twinges in Your Chest? A Remedy 700 Years Old Will Ease All Your Difficulties!

This natural heart remedy was shown as very effective with all heart weaknesses and serious heart diseases. It can be used when you feel any kind of heart difficulties like twinges, palpitation, skipping…It was also good with angina pectoris.


You need:

  1. 10 fresh stems of parsley (without the root)
  2. A liter of home-made red or white wine
  3. Two spoons of wine vinegar
  4. 300 gr of natural honey


Put the 10 fresh stems of parsley together with their leaves into 1 liter of pure natural wine and add 1-2 spoons of wine vinegar.

Cook for 10 minutes on a low fire (ATTENTION: it is foaming!). After that, add 300 grams ofreal honey and leave it to cook slightly for 4 more minutes. Filtrate the hot wine and put it while still hot in bottles previously rinsed with strong alcohol.



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