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4,500 Confederate Flag Supporters Create an EIGHT-MILE Convoy to Protest Against Liberals

4,500 patriotic citizens took to the streets on Sunday to support freedom of expression and Southern heritage represented by the Confederate flag.

Thousands of supporters of the Confederate flag have risen up – creating an eight-mile convoy of cars, motorbikes and pick-ups all displaying the controversial symbol.


Horns blared and flags fluttered from the 1,500 vehicles taking part in the Florida Southern Pride Ride on Sunday.

Protesters against the parade fired at least six gunshots towards the convoy but no one was injured, reported wftv.

Organizer David Stone, 38, said: ‘That flag has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people. It doesn’t symbolize hate unless you think it’s hate – and that’s your problem, not mine.’

Around 4,500 people – some from as far away as California – took part in the protest against the removal of Confederate flags on public buildings throughout the South. Many wore T-shirts or flew flags with slogans including ‘Heritage not hate’, ‘Team Redneck’ and ‘I’m not coming down’.

The convoy was led by a reproduction of the ‘General Lee’ car used in TV show The Dukes of Hazzard.

The terminus of the 17-mile parade was changed at the last minute to avoid a largely black neighborhood where residents opposed the event, according to Ocala Sergeant Robie Bonner.

Police said several shots were fired from an apartment complex near the Livestock Pavilion where the ride started. However residents there insisted the shots came from people taking part in the parade.

‘They come, they watch them run through on their motorcycles, running red lights and throwing beer bottles. The police didn’t stop them or nothing,’ said resident Jason Carter.

Despite the gunfire, the police said the event was overall peaceful.



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