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BREAKING: Michelle Takes Food From U.S. Navy, Sailors Immediately Unleash THIS Response


The brave, hard-working sailors who make up the ranks of the United States Navy were outraged after they learned of a coming food ban that may have been instigated by the gross overreach of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “healthy” eating agenda.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced that at some point in the near future, fried chicken, french fries and other fried foods often served to hungry, calorie-burning sailors busy defending our country will be permanently banned from Navy menus.

Sailors aren’t happy about it, either. They used the Navy Time’s Facebook page to vent their frustrations, accusing Obama of using her influence to promote what she thinks is considered healthy eating, even though that’s largely not the case.

One respondent wrote, “Is Michelle Obama now playing big sister to the military hotline?”

“First the kids, now the troops,” another said.

“How did Michelle Obama get into our galleys? That’s what workouts are for,” said Vic Tegio (H/T WZ).

We’ve reported over and over again that Obama’s mandated “healthy” school lunch program repulses students to such an extent that they’d rather throw their lunch in the trash and go hungry before eating her slop.


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