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I Ate 40 Teaspoons of Sugar a Day. This Is What Happened!

sugar2Damon Gameau removed the sugar from his diet for three years- and then, he decided to consume large amount of sugar for a documentary. The results were astonishing.

In the hot Australian summer of 2008, he intended to enjoy in his life as an early 30’s single male. His love of self was reflected on nice clothes and facial grooming but yet to affect his nutrition. He smoked at least one pack of cigarettes at day and consumed at least two cans of Vanilla Coke daily.

As often happens with a man, he was pulled out from the hands of self-destruction in the nick of time by an educated and emotionally woman. This is exactly what happened to him.

At the same moment when he noticed that amazing and beautiful woman he knew that he is in love, but had some serious work to do. He was aware that the cigarettes and vanilla Coke will not help him at all if he want to penetrate in the healthy force field that surrounded her.

Another thing that happens to a man is that when he is giving his best in order to impress a woman, he is interested in whole range of matters that he has never heard of before. For him, it was the healthy diet. He was pretending that he is interested for her kale and cucumber smoothies, feigned excitement at avocado on chia seed bread and consumed a lot of organic vegetables and weird named naturopathic potions. Unsuspectingly, he removed the 30 teaspoons of sugar daily, apart from the odd square of fancy sounding artisanal dark chocolate.

Did banning sugar turn my kids into sweet little angels?

After only two months in this rigorous process, he began to feel the changes and the benefits. People noticed the better look of his skin and eye brightness. Yet, the biggest benefit was the affect on his mental state. He was calmer and more balanced and present during the day.

Three years later, he and his girlfriend had a wonderful relationship, and not only bought a couch from IKEA, they didn’t argue while assembling it. He also directed his first short film and took the first prize at a competition in Australia, and has been offered to make his first movie by a production company.

In this period, the public started to debate about the sugar, but the sides were divided. One side claimed that it is toxic and very harmful for our body, while the other ones claimed that it is necessary for energy. The debate was deeper and deeper, and inspired Damon to make an experiment with his own body and document the results.

He gathered a team of doctors, scientists and nutritionists who had far more knowledge then him and started to consume 40 teaspoons of sugar daily, which is what many Australians between the age of 18 and 30 are doing (this includes sweeteners like honey and maple syrup and fruit juices and concentrates).

Revealed: top sources of added sugar in your diet

He was trying to find a way to grab the audience’s attention. Then he decided to take a closer look on the labels and found out that the hoisin sauce, BBQ sause and sweet chili sauce are including higher amount of sugar than the chocolate sauce. What if he could consume 40 teaspoons of sugar daily by eating the foods that many people are considering as healthy, or at least would never think about the level of sugar included in them.


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