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Iran deal fallout: CIA starts Intelligence war against Israel

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Merely 24 hours after Obama’s nuclearization deal with the Ayatollah regime, his CIA handlers have already begun launching an aggressive campaign of leaks and psychological warfare against the Israelis who are now inclined more than ever to go for a preemptive strike in Iran. this carefully timed CIA campaign was jump started in the form of an old and allegedly authentic NSA document magically “leaked by Snowden” via the CIA’s notorious limited hangout operation – Wikileaks – which found its way to The Intercept website (a typical limited hangout tentacle) regarding the assassination of the Syrian General Muhammed Suleiman in 2008 by Israeli naval commandos.

Suleiman was in charge of the Syrian nuclear weapons program which was based on North Korean Plutonium reactor technology and funded by Iran, in violation of Syria’s obligations to the IAEA. That reactor was destroyed by the Israelis during Operation Orchard in 2007,which also demonstrated the ability of the IAF to paralyze the Russian state of the art TOR air defense system by hacking the control radar and planting false signals via the encrypted satellite link. None of the aforementioned details is new, but the goal of the current leak is to “warn” the Israelis that their encrypted military communications are allegedly monitored by the NSA, which is supposed to hint at the NSA’s ability to thwart a potential Israeli strike on Iran.

It’s impossible to know if the NSA really snooped on the Israelis during that 2008 hit operation, but the very use of this Psyop indicates that the CIA plans to protect its new assets in Tehran. This recent leak follows an earlier behind the scenes warning from the Obama regime to Israel and Saudi Arabia, given two years ago, that the US is in control of the regional radar systems and therefore they are advised not to try to bypass those radars on route to Iran.


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