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Politics: Netanyahu: Um, Israel isn’t bound by this craptastic deal with Iran


“What a stunning, historic mistake.”

Barack Obama and John Kerry may have disavowed any option of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities (as if they would have ever considered it for a second), but Benjamin Netanyahu sure hasn’t. And Iran might want to keep that in mind, because while it’s seeking to become a nuclear power, Israel already is one.

And Israel’s current leader has a bit more clear-eyed understanding of the threats his nation faces than the fools who lead America at the moment:

Of all the insane elements of this agreement, three stand out for me:

1. Iran was not required to release any of the Americans it’s currently holding as a condition of the deal.

2. Iran was not required to cease any of its support for terrorist organizations. That’s apparently perfectly fine with Obama and Kerry.

3. Remember when Obama said inspectors were going to get 24/7 access to Iran’s nuclear sites? Yeah. Not quite, champ. If the IAEA inspectors think Iran might be in violation, they have to ask for permission to inspect the sites. Iran can say no, and it doesn’t have to respond to the request at all for 14 days. If Iran then says no, the other nations have eight days to respond, after which Iran gets three days to respond to that. In other words, the inspection regime is a total joke. All that will happen if the IAEA suspects a violation is an drawn-out negotiation over whether and under what circumstances the inspectors will even be allowed to look at the sites.


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