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The Way Iran Reacted to Obama Nuke Deal Is Definitely Worrisome…


It didn’t take long after the Iran deal was finalized for the good folks over in that part of the world — I use the term “good” very loosely — to start celebrating what in reality is a massive victory for them and their radical Islamic agenda.

Keep in mind, we just allowed the same country notorious for shouting “Death to America” to continue an atomic program for “peaceful purposes,” which is like allowing a criminal who broke in your home to have access to your guns as long as he promises not to shoot you with them.

In other words, it’s a pretty stupid idea.

Well, as if this wasn’t already enough to alarm you, how Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reportedly reacted to the deal certainly should send up a few red flags.

From Western Journalism:

In an article posted on Yahoo! News by a writer for Agence France-Presse (AFP), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is quoted as telling his nation after the Tuesday announcement of a done deal to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program, “God has accepted the nation’s prayers.” Purportedly, Rouhani was referring to prayers for the lifting of what he termed the “inhuman and tyrannical sanctions” on the Iranian people.

However, issuing other messages through his Twitter account, Iran’s cheery, gleeful president referred to the deal as a “victory” for his country that has long expressed its public animosity toward both the United States and Israel.

Tweet1Rouhani went on to tweet a comment about the nuke deal that contradicted what both Obama and Secretary of State Kerry claimed of the just-approved pact — Rouhani boasting that economic sanctions against Iran would be lifted right away, not in stages.


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