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Netanyahu Breaks Down Exactly What He Told Obama Over the Phone Following Iran Deal: ‘I Said…’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed to NBC News Wednesday what he told President Barack Obama after a nuclear deal with Iran was announced.

Speaking to Lest Holt, Netanyahu stressed that while he respects Obama, the two have a significant disagreement on the deal.

“Well, you know, I respect President Obama, and we can respectfully disagree. I said that this deal poses a great danger to Israel. I believe it poses a great danger to America and the world,” Netanyahu said.

“You let the number one terrorist regime in the world have a short path to the bomb and hundreds of billions of dollars to finance its terrorism around the world — that’s not good for any of us,” the Israeli prime minister added.

Holt asked Netanyahu if he felt that Obama has “betrayed” Israel on the issue.

“No, look. I think we have a disagreement. And I appreciate the alliance with the United States, the support we receive from the president, the Congress and the American people, but we have a real disagreement,” Netanyahu replied.


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