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Blog Spot Is War With Iran Long Overdue?


On November 4th 1979, nine months after the successful Islamic revolution in Iran. A hostage crisis had ensued, when students had stormed the American Embassy in Iran, in what was to be known as the longest hostage crisis in history.

This was the first act of war by Iran and many more were to follow. Kidnappings were not the only method the Iranians had used, while they unleashed their reign of terror. They also included bombings, guerrilla warfare through their proxies, assassination, and the infamous fatwa issued on Salman Rushdie due to his Novel, the satanic verses, deemed blasphemous in the Islamic world.

But from the Reagan era all the way through to the current administration. The world witnessed the Beirut Barracks bombings that killed 241 US Marines along with 63 French servicemen in 1982. Whichprompted the United States to withdraw its personnel from Lebanon and to pledge full support for Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the war against Iran. At this point a wave of anti Iranian sentiment rippled across the globe, not limited only to the Arab world, but going as far as the the United States. Despite the terror they had endured. They had fallen short of a direct confrontation with Iran. But if Reagen didn’t have a wet appetite for war, then who would?

Under  George W. Bush’s watch, during the Iraq war. The Iranians were training, financing and arming Shia militias that waged war with American soldiers. On the other side of the Iranian border, Afghanistan. The Iranians decided to reach out to an old foe, the Taliban, the same procedure was used in order to wage a proxy war against the United States and their allies. At one point however, there seemed to be a serious escalation between Iran and the United States. After reports of Iranian backed terror attacks on Coalition forces in Iraq, the Americans had raided an Iranian consulate in Arbil, detaining five Iranian diplomats in 2007. In an act of reprisal, that same year, the Iranians had strayed into Iraqi waters, and kidnapped of the British Royal Navy Personnel, only to be released by Tehran after just two weeks. Ad-hoc stand off’s had occurred, particularly around the strait of Hormuz, but fell short of a full scale war. The Bush Administration even refused to back an Israeli airstrike on Iran’s Uranium enrichment and water reactor sites, despite ongoing Iranian calls to annihilate the Jewish state.


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