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From Peru to “Iron Dome” Battery

68536Eight years ago, SSgt Kfir Aviel Levi immigrated to Israel with his parents from Peru. Despite being exempted from army service, he insisted on becoming an “Iron Dome” operator – and he made it

Vered Talala

When was the last time you witnessed an missile interception? Staff Sergeant Kfir Aviel Levi remembers that moment vividly. “It happened a year ago, during Operation ‘Protective Edge’. I walked around my grandmother’s house in Southern Israel and suddenly heard the siren. As I ran to find shelter, I saw the rocket being shot down above the house”, he recalls. “I remember imagining what would happen if the rocket wasn’t intercepted”.

Today, SSgt is a combat soldier in the “Iron Dome” brigade. He came to Israel with his parents from Peru eight years ago, and underwent quite a rocky road before joining the unit. Despite being exempted from service in the IDF, he chose to volunteer and become a combat soldier. “My low medical profile, a result of a surgery in my past, made it difficult for me to integrate into the unit”, he explains. “However, I did not give up. I applied to draft as a volunteer and my request was accepted”.

Overcoming Difficulties
“Ever since I came to Israel, I got connected with the legacy of the place, so the path to service was very natural for me”, says SSgt Kfir with a smile. “I had a neighbor who served as a combat soldier in the 1967 “Six-Day War” and told me about the historic moment when the soldiers finally reached the Western Wall. I got even more excited and motivated to draft”.


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