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HOLY MY TUCHUS: Holy Site to Muslims? Arab Clown Desecrates Temple Mount

.Masses of Muslims undisturbed by clown making a mockery of their claims of Islamic sanctity at holiest site in Judaism.


In a new shocking testimony to the Muslim desecration of the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount, video has surfaced showing an Arab clown performing for Arab children at the holy site.

The video – posted to Facebook on Friday by nationalist activist Baruch Marzel – shows the clown performing by tying balloons into funny shapes, speaking in a funny high voice and generally entertaining, all while framed by the Dome of the Rock Mosque.

Masses of mulling Muslims can be seen passing by and watching the performance in the video, unperturbed by the very unsanctified behavior at the site Muslims claim is holy to them. The video can be seen by clicking the image below.
Regarding the sanctity of the Temple Mount for Muslims, Islam claims that the site is the third holiest in its view, and Muslims praying at the site face Mecca, turning their backs on the Dome of the Rock.


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