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‘Israel will not accept a reality dictated by Iran’

News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff

PM Benjamin Netanyahu says emerging nuclear deal “endangers peace of entire world” • As Vienna talks continue, Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls for ongoing struggle against U.S. • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: We have charmed the world.

143669749686613159a_bPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Sunday’s cabinet meeting     |Photo credit: AP

143669749832236328a_bAyatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, addresses university students in Tehran, Saturday   Photo credit: AP

As negotiators at the Iran nuclear talks labored to make headway, Iran’s supreme leader called Saturday for the struggle against the U.S. to continue, in comments suggesting that the Iranian regime’s hostility toward the U.S. will persist no matter what the outcome of the talks.

The negotiations entered their 15th day Saturday with no indications of major progress after three extensions and four target dates for a deal, and diplomats said it remained unclear whether an agreement could be reached by Monday, the latest deadline.

Credit: Reuters

Iran and the U.S. have threatened to walk away unless the other side makes concessions. Although it was unclear whether Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was preparing the ground for the failure of the talks, his comments were likely to add to skepticism over the outcome at the negotiating table.

Khamenei was quoted as calling the U.S. “the true embodiment of arrogance.” Khamenei told university students in Tehran to be “prepared to continue the struggle against arrogant powers.”

“Fighting global arrogance is the core of our revolution and we cannot put it on hold,” Khamenei said.

Even if Khamenei was not signaling that the talks have failed, his comments appear to be a blow to U.S. hopes that an agreement will lead to improved bilateral relations that could translate into increased cooperation in a common cause — the fight against Islamic radical organizations, such as the Islamic State group.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had hinted at just that last week, suggesting a deal acceptable to his country will open the door to joint efforts on that front.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani indicated talks could go either way.

“We behaved so skillfully that if talks won’t succeed, the world would accept that Iran is for logic and dialogue and never left the negotiating table … and if we succeed by the grace of God, the world will know that the Iranian nation can resolve its problems through logic,” his website quoted him as saying. “Twenty-two months of negotiation means we have managed to charm the world, and it’s an art.”

At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Khamenei and Rouhani, saying, “The ruler of Iran, Khamenei, was quoted as saying the U.S. must be fought, regardless of whether there is a [nuclear] agreement. The president of Iran, Rouhani, led a hate march in the streets of Tehran in which U.S. and Israeli flags were burned and many chanted ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel.’

“All of this took place while the parade of concessions continued in Vienna, concessions even on issues that were marked as red lines in the Lausanne deal, which itself was a bad deal. [The emerging deal] paves the way for Iran to get many nuclear bombs and gives it hundreds of billions of dollars to fund its machine of terror and conquest. This, this deal endangers the peace of the entire world.

“Iran is not hiding its intentions to continue its murderous aggression against those who are now negotiating with it. Maybe some among the powers are willing to give in to a reality dictated by Iran, which includes endless calls for the destruction of Israel. But we will not accept this.”



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