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Mystical Jewish Rabbi gives his insight on what is going to happen in Israel and surrounding countries…it’s quite mind-blowing indeed


Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Balak, 11 Tammuz 5775 (28/6/15)


King Kings, G-d is the leader of the world, and in the end He does everything for the benefit of the Jews living in Israel, so that He can make the entire world good, holy, and pure. Despite the things you see all over the world, all of the conflicts and complications, the forces of nature, disaster in every corner, and if you think that it is strange, and if you think that G-d cannot change the world – you are mistaken. G-d can do anything, He is doing and will continue to do everything in order to purify and sanctify the world.

There will continue to be volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes, strong and harsh winds, complications with planes, trains going off the tracks, and other vehicular disasters.  All of the oceans of the world are angry and waiting to purify the world.

Every country that goes against Israel and wants to take parts of the Holy Land away will be harmed in their economy, their country, and their society.

The United States is not one hundred percent with Israel.  They said that Israel is, heaven forbid, racist – racism is spreading all over their country horrifically and will continue to spread.  They will be handling their own racism all day.  When they let the State of Israel be, and when they are truly connected to it, then they will have peace and quiet.

In France there are complications and conflict, everything is getting tighter around the French.  The Muslims are not letting go and will not let go of the Jews.  The threat of the Jews in France will continue to increase and it is a shame to let Jewish blood spill.  All over the world anti-Semitism is harsh, but in France the Muslims want to make it an Arab state because most of them are from Africa.  A messenger from France came to Israel and wants to create two states, G-d sees that France is interfering with the Holy Land and is overturning France.  France will have a revolution like they’ve never dreamed of.  Jews, run away as quickly as you can from France, don’t say that G-d did not warn you.  Come to Israel, not other countries, don’t waste time on mid-stations – in the end you will come to Israel anyway, there is anti-Semitism everywhere.

G-d is saying: “Whoever touches my children, touches the Holy Land – is getting in trouble with me directly.”

ISIS is doing their work wholeheartedly from all angles in order to purify the world.  From the impure comes the pure.

Russia is threatening to show its strength and not give the United States control of the Middle East.

Iran doesn’t care about anything else but being a respected country in the world, a nuclear power.  It is deathly afraid of Israel and does not mess with Israel directly, only indirectly.

The Golan Heights will not be separated from Israel, they will not take parts of it away because Syria is being eradicated and there is no going back.  Syria will not rise again.  Syria cannot be redeemed.  Whoever wants to go there to help will be terminated.  There is fire and brimstone, no judgment, destruction all over Syria.

You need to beware of the Druze in Syria, they have their own beliefs.  They have families in the Golan Heights, be careful not to confront them.  Do not let them into Israel, it is very dangerous.  If each that comes in comes with five more Muslims, ISIS, Hamas or Syrian, there will be danger!  They will not be able to stop it, the government of Israel must be very careful!

In Lebanon, Nasrallah and Hezbollah are in shock.  All the good in Syria and Iran has run out for them.

In Gaza there are complications.  ISIS is celebrating there; and, they aren’t making it public.  Everyone is in costume all day long and you don’t know who is ISIS, who is Jihad, who is Hamas, and who is a Palestinian.  They are killing each other, you don’t know who is against who, G-d is keeping them busy.


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