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Swedish politicians agree: ”Of course Ramadan is a Swedish tradition”

img54c66662a8c4a“Ramadan – a Swedish tradition.” Yes, as long as people in the Swedish society are practicing something recurrent, it is a tradition, believes Jenny Berglund, who anwered SD’s Richard Jomshof after his statements regarding Ramadan and Islam.

It all started with an interview in Sydsvenskan with Raid Amin, from Malmö’s Muslim Student Association Alhambra, where Amin said that Ramadan certainly is a Swedish tradition.

Nyheter24 asked the question, whether it is a Swedish tradition or not, to the Swedish MPs – and received a mixed response. But most agreed.

– Of course. A holiday celebrated by the Swedes in Sweden must surely be regarded as a Swedish tradition, says Veronica Palm (S).

Her party colleague Hillevi Larsson completely agrees, and points out that the feast has been celebrated in Sweden since way back.

Even the Centre Party group leader Anders W Jonsson (C) is on the same track.

– As a large group of Swedes over many years has celebrated Ramadan, it is as I see it a Swedish tradition, he says.

Jonsson emphasize what he believes is an important thing. Not everyone needs to be involved and celebrate for it to be a tradition.

– Swedish tradition does not mean that all Swedes are participating. It is certainly more Swedes who participate in the celebration of Ramadan than eating fermented herring in August and definitely more than that in Lillhärdal commemorates prayer Monday. Nevertheless, fermented herring and prayer Monday are Swedish traditions and so should also Ramadan be considered as, he says.

The Christian-Democrat Roland Utbult is the only one of the respondents who distance himself totally from using the term “Swedish tradition ‘ of Ramadan.

– No, it’s not a Swedish tradition. Not in the sense of Swedish traditions passed down through generations. But it’s a very important part of the Muslim year, said.

Party colleague Emma Henriksson, Christian Democrat group leader in parliament, says that it is a tricky question.


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