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This Mom’s Son Died An Hour After He Swam At The Pool. I Had No Idea This Was Possible


Johnny Jackson, Cassandra’s son, went to cool off and play at the neighborhood pool. His mom watched him splash around in the cool water to escape from the unbearable June heat.  After a while they went home, and about an hour later John said that he was tired and sleepy.

She thought that he was tired because of being out on the sun and playing all afternoon. He took a nap, and after a while Cassandra went to check on him. She saw something that no parent should ever have to.

John had no signs of life and his face was covered in a white foam – like substance. After examining the coroner said that the cause of death was suffocation of drowning. How could one healthy and young boy drown one hour after swimming?

His mother was shocked and surprised. She ask how can one child walk, talk, speak with lungs filled with water. Some people don’t know that there is dry-drowning, which is a postponed type, and it’s also dangerous as the immediate type of drowning.


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