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Obama Family Vacations Surpass $100 Million


Washington, D.C., – For the sixth time in as many summers, the Obama family will vacation in Martha’s Vineyard this August. With this trip the first family will exceed $100 million in taxpayer dollars spent on vacation travel expenses, an unprecedented amount for any US President in history.

Be it another unnecessary family vacation, golf outing, or fundraising trip, no other president has mocked the American taxpayer to such extremes. Watchdog groups through the Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA), have obtained records detailing the first family’s travel expenses, and one look at these records show why the Obama Administration fought so hard to keep them sealed.

Since first taking office in 2009, the Obama family have acted like they won the lottery, not the presidency. The first family has treated Air Force One like their personal taxi, jet-setting around the world on taxpayer’s dime. This latest 15-day trip to Martha’s Vineyard alone will cost the American taxpayer an estimated two million dollars.

While the liberal media will point to George W. Bush’s number of vacations during his presidency, they conveniently leave out the fact that the majority of those vacations were spent on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, at minimal cost to taxpayers. When comparing the two, the Obama’s have outspent the Bush family on personal vacations by a staggering $71 million dollars. In fact, First Lady Michelle Obama has outspent the entire Bush family herself on lavish vacations to Africa, Spain, India, and China, just to name a few.


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