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When Netanyahu Heard About Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal He Had 6 Haunting Words To Say

netanyahuirandeal-913x512A huge question now – how far will Israel go?

“An historic mistake for the world” — that’s how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described in six haunting words the Iran nuclear deal that President Obama just praised. The two so-called “allies” could hardly be farther apart in their assessment of the just-announced agreement that, according to Obama, is “a comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

As The Wall Street Journal reports, Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials are condemning the terms of the deal between terror-sponsoring Iran and six world powers, including the United States and Russia.

“Wide-ranging concessions were made in all of the areas which should have prevented Iran from getting the ability to arm itself with a nuclear weapon,’’ Mr. Netanyahu said. “The desire to sign an agreement was stronger than everything else.”

The article in the Journal also notes Netanyahu’s warning that “lifting economic sanctions on Iran will give Tehran ‘hundreds of billions of dollars’ to boost support [of] its allies in the Middle East that are also Israel’s enemies.”

The Washington Post’s coverage of reaction in Jerusalem to the nuke deal with Israel’s sworn enemy cites the “stark apocalyptic language” used by Netanyahu and other critics of the U.S.-led negotiations that resulted in the pact with Iran announced with great fanfare early Tuesday.

“Netanyahu’s hardline coalition partner, education minister Naftali Bennett said, ‘Today a terrorist nuclear superpower is born, and it will go down as one of the darkest days in world history,’” according to the Post article.

Israeli reaction has been overwhelmingly negative to the Iran deal that the Obama administration has been aggressively pursuing — and for which Secretary of State John Kerry has seemingly been conceding key points to Tehran right and left.


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