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Woman Refused to Pull the Plug on Her Husband… Years Later He Woke Up and Said Just 2 Words


If you can, imagine marrying the love of your life and merely seven months later, tragedy strikes — leaving your spouse on life support with doctors telling you that there’s not much hope.

That’s exactly what happened to Danielle Davis, who received a dreadful phone call one sunny July day in 2011 that her husband, Matt, had been involved in a horrific motorcycle accident on a Savannah, Ga., interstate.

But after three years of living on life support in a deep coma and after thousands of prayers from his loving wife, Matt miraculously woke up one day and uttered two words that Danielle won’t soon forget.

“I’m trying,” he said.

Matt had attempted to merge onto an interstate and hit an illegally parked vehicle, which sent him flying off of his motorcycle at a high rate of speed. He broke multiple bones, lacerated organs and took heavy trauma to his brain.

As he lay in his hospital bed, completely incapacitated and unable to speak, Danielle was there, always. She prayed, a lot.

When doctors finally told her the devastating news that there was nothing else they could do to support Matt’s recovery, she knew that she had to make a choice — pull the plug or keep fighting.

But she said her decision was easy, telling a local news reporter, “I knew that God could get us through that,” she said. “I didn’t think it was too big for God.”


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