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I Washed My Hair With Dish Soap To Get Rid Of Greasy Locks And The Results Were Wild


When it comes to greasy hair, usually a nice lather, rinse, repeat with your everyday shampoo does the trick when it comes to restoring your locks to their squeaky-cleanliness. But for those rare times when your hair remains greasy (even after you’ve washed it), can you wash your hair with dish soap to get rid of the stubborn slickness?

It all started after taking a weekend vacation. When I arrived at the little boutique hotel I was staying at, I was shocked to discover the hotel didn’t supply me with any shampoo or conditioner. Seriously, what hotel doesn’t give you even a little sample-size bottle of shampoo these days? And let me state that this wasn’t a cheap hotel, either (chintzy bastards). I didn’t think much of it at the time, as I had washed my hair that morning. If I was lucky, I could rock dirty hair for another two days before heading home. That meant curling my hair the second day, and wearing my hair up in a bun for the third. No problem, I could do this.

Except that by the time the weekend was over, my hair was crying out for a wash. Normally, going two days without a wash would be fine for my hair, but this particular weekend was filled with walking in humidity, soaking for hours in a hot tub, and sweating, sweating, sweating. I didn’t realize that with all the hair product and sweat building up in my hair, it was becoming a hot greasy mess.


When I arrived home, I couldn’t get into the shower fast enough to get rid of the greasy-ass catastrophe that was taking over my head. I sighed with relief as I lathered my locks with my usual shampoo, thinking that that was the end of it. But when I finally got out of the shower and dried my hair, it was still extremely greasy around the crown of my head.

I have to admit that this has never happened to me before: My hair is always clean after I shampoo it. To my profound annoyance, I figured I didn’t rinse the shampoo out of my hair well enough, and decided to wash my hair a second time. I was extremely thorough in my rinse, mind you. But to my absolute horror, sure enough, after I was finished drying my hair, the excess oil just wasn’t budging.

Completely confused (not to mention frustrated as hell), I wondered if maybe it was my shampoo that was suddenly the problem. I decided to head over to the store and pick up a different shampoo, and try the whole lather, rinse, repeat thing all over again. And what do you know, the greasy hair remained.


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