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Israeli top secret missile launcher disguised as a TANK finally declassified after 30 years of rumors and secret missions

Pereh tank is based on an M60 Patton chassis, and has 12 missile tubes

Carries the Spike anti-tank guided missile in ‘bustle’ at its rear

Has finally been declassified by military – after 30 years of service 

Front is fitted with a fake cannon to fool enemy forces

It has remained a secret for 30 years – an Israeli ‘tank’ which is actually a mobile missile launcher.

Now, new pictures show the weapon, called the Pereh, is real, leading to it finally being declassified by military bosses.

The Pereh is based on the M60 Patton main battle tank chassis and carries the Spike anti-tank guided missile.


The Pereh in plain sight: The front of the vehicle is fitted with a fake cannon so it looks like a standard main battle tank, with 12 Spike anti-tank missiles hidden at its rear.

‘It is now permitted to publish that Israeli is operating a special weapons system that has been kept secret for some 30 years: the Pereh tank,’ said Israel Defence.

‘The tank has been uniquely and deceptively retrofitted to launch Tamuz anti-tank missiles.’

The Pereh uses the chassis of the Magach series main battle tank (MBT) which is an upgraded variant of the American-made M48 and M60 MBTs.

The original turret has been enlarged to install a launcher under armour for 12 missiles.

‘Israel Military Industries attached to the tank a rising launcher and observation system for the Tamuz,’ the report claims.

‘The launcher and the raised tower contain an aiming system that folds into the armored turret.

A fake cannon is attacked to the tank so that it appears to be an ordinary tank.

‘The loading of the launcher occurs when it is folded inside the turret, via a large hatch on the back side of the turret.’

The Pereh can be easily identified by a curved antenna mounted at the rear on the roof of the turret which is erected in firing position.

The front part of the turret and the hull are fitted with add-on armour to increase protection against anti-tank missile.

More stowage boxes are fitted to each side of the turret.

The first pictures of the Pereh were released on Internet during the Israeli military operation Protective Edge in July 2014, although it was never confirmed by the IDF.

The weapon is said to have been active in nearly every major conflict that Israel has been a part of over the last two and a half decades.


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